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CCsplitandtextSince its launch in 1995, Legal IT Insider has become the leading media, information and communications channel in legal technology. We cover and interpret legal IT news from UK & EMEA, the US and APAC regions in our famous FREE monthly digital newsletter – Legal IT Insider – and also here on our website via our Latest News section, opinion pieces, whitepapers, comment, case studies and articles. Our content is also available via our FREE iOS FREE app for iPhones and iPads and can be downloaded from

Read by all serious legal IT professionals around the world.

Legal IT Insider website attracts an average of 52,000 readers (average 549,000 page views) worldwide a month and the newsletter, via the digital and apps versions around 29,500. Both are read by all of the senior IT professionals in the UK’s top 200 law firms plus IT professionals in all of Australia and New Zealand’s top firms and an ever increasing proportion of major US law firms.

Legal IT professionals use our newsletter and resources to make strategic decisions for their businesses as they know they can find unbiased, relevant information curated into concise, easy-to-read content and delivered online, email, RSS, iPad and iPhone.

Elevating the significant above the noise

Legal IT Insider has become synonymous with identifying emerging trends and markets in business technology that relate to legal IT and then, crucially, its application in law office management. We separate the facts from the hype and provide future-looking insight and key metrics to help you plan, prioritise and respond to opportunities and so deal with challenges ahead of time. More intelligence equals more power.

Always ahead

We have always been ahead of the curve and pioneers in publishing platforms: we were the first legal IT newsletter in the market, the first to go digital, the earliest website, the first blog (and most successful) and first with a new generation of apps for the iPad era. We have a history of predicting future IT topics before they become mainstream and keep ahead of trending news with an eye on global connectivity and emerging technologies and markets.

Our reputation

What differentiates us is that we are independent, not driven by sponsors or partners, so our reputation is impeccable for unbiased, newsworthy news. Long term relationships and networks built on trust mean we are often the first media called with the latest breaking news and exclusives. We also have a solid reputation that if we are given information but it is not for release, or available until a certain date, it is safe with us.

Our conference and events activities

DSC_6021A_13539513323_l-2wh8mup6pqsqano29eql8gAs we expand into new markets and bring online more resources for users we are also widening our presentation of information into new formats including events. In the past we developed the format for The LOTIES, later the Legal Technology Awards and more recently we devised the format and programming for the LawTech Futures events, which in the space of three years went from newcomer to the largest legal IT event outside the US. Each LawTech Futures was a sell out with delegates coming in from as far afield as Australia. Our 2013 keynote was the futurist Ray Kurzweil, while in 2014 the keynote was Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web. The Insider has also helped organise and programme events in the US, Continental Europe and Australia.

So, welcome to Legal IT Insider’s website and newsletter

Our website and our free newsletter are a platform for news, new ideas, new apps, white papers, reports, resources, your comments and the first and best place to find succinct legal IT intelligence that is relevant to you and your business. Keep checking in as we are constantly updating with new content that we hope will keep you informed, forewarned and entertained.

We are always keen to hear from our readers with opinions, news or feedback on our site. You can contact us online via the comments facility (just log in but remain anonymous if you wish), or by email or by phone +44(0)1986 788666 or @ChristianUncut

Geographical areas covered by Legal IT Insider newsletter and blog

Areas covered Legal IT Insider: UK and Europe, United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Hong Kong, China PRC, Singapore, Malaysia, India and the rest of the Asia Pacific region plus South Africa, Dubai, Gulf States and South America.

Editor Charles Christian: Bio

Charles Christian, editor and publisher of Legal IT Insider, is a former practising barrister turned independent commentator and journalist who has been writing, reporting and advising on developments in law office technology and online legal services for over 30 years. He was described in one national magazine as “one of the top ten key individuals who act as movers and shakers in the legal IT world today…” Click HERE for full bio


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