More on Microsoft and its Workflow Foundation

Had a useful meeting with Microsoft in New York, discussing – among other things – the ‘issue’ of Windows Workflow Foundation 4.0. Microsoft’s view is that the evolution from v 3.0 to v 4.0 is essential if the workflow tools are to keep pace with the evolution taking place within the rest of Microsoft’s front and back office environments. (Remember, we’ve got Windows 7.0 – which, apparently, will permit a direct migration from XP to 7.0, skipping the Vista generation – and a new version of Office on the horizon next year.) Furthermore, although most of the whingeing about WF 4.0 is coming from some developers, particularly those with axes to grind in the Elite versus Aderant debate (Microsoft’s wording was a little more tactful) – the move from 3.0 to 4.0 will actually benefit the developer community. For a useful discussion on the migration issues, check out this site…

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