Something for the weekend: is this the future for law office design?

One of the topics rumbling along in law office management circles is whether we should also be rethinking the physical design of the legal office space, you know get away from offices that look like this (love the frog btw)……and shift to a more flexible open-plan design. So, we were particularly pleased to see this suggestion from Kogan ( that workstations may be come a feature of new look office layouts.In fact the editor already has a chair like this (except it is made of wood & striped canvas, lives on a beach and doesn’t have the hardware attachments & tabling to support a computer) and spends many a happy hour sitting in it, thinking deep thoughts. However we can’t help but think the design is lacking one key feature: perhaps the addition of a TeasMade machine or maybe the operator could be supplied with a hat like this…

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