May-June issue of Internet Newsletter for Lawyers out now

The latest issue of the Internet Newsletter for Lawyers is now published, stories include…
• The digital shift: Laurence Kaye suggests ten overriding, interlinked themes shaping the legal agenda
• Cloud computing: Alex Heshmaty on using Google Drive, Google Chromebook and other Google cloud services
• Cloud issues: David Flint of MacRoberts continues his review of cloud computing and data protection issues
• Resources: Amanda Millmore reviews the Best of the Legal Web – general resources for all lawyers
• Law firm websites: Graham Laing of Rokman Laing suggests how to improve websites and content for maximum impact
• Legal apps: A&L Goodbody has released Ireland’s first Data Privacy Law app, supported by the Irish DP Commissioner
You can access the Newsletter online at
The RSS feed of latest articles is at

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