Best Best selects Intapp Open as best to automate new business intake

Intapp Inc just announced that Best Best & Krieger LLP, a full-service law firm with nearly 200 lawyers in nine offices across California and in Washington DC, has selected Intapp Open to automate processes related to new business intake. BB&K, which represents many recognized public agencies and businesses, is using Intapp Open to enhance conflicts checks and accelerate new client matter inception. The firm serves as city attorney to more than 30 cities across California as general and special counsel to special districts that focus on water, transportation, regional planning and resource conservation; and has helped both local and international businesses for more than 100 years.
“BB&K’s public agency, business and individual clients rely on us to quickly and efficiently help them solve their legal issues. Intapp Open allows us to identify, manage and clear any conflicts of interest that arise, and also provides our attorneys with a holistic view of the client, enabling us to be more strategic and responsive in our representation,” said Tim Haynes, director of information technology at BB&K.
BB&K selected Intapp Open following a thorough evaluation by a panel that included firm management and lawyers, as well as representatives of the firm’s finance, conflicts and IT teams. Of all the products evaluated, Intapp Open was the most comprehensive and the most user-friendly – offering role-specific views and to-do lists for key stakeholders involved in new business intake, and eliminating duplication of effort. Intapp Open also allows designated users to create and modify processes to support firm and practice-specific matter evaluation procedures.
“Having worked with Best Best & Krieger as an Intapp customer for more than nine years, we know that making the most of the data available throughout the firm has been a long-standing priority for executive management, finance and IT. Intapp Open supports this by providing firms with visibility into the strategic implications of new business acceptance,” said Kerry Stivaletti, managing director, Intapp. “By introducing Intapp Open for new matter inception, as well as conflicts management, BB&K is bringing a new level of agility, efficiency and governance to its business intake processes.”
Other Intapp products used by BB&K include Integration Builder, the most widely adopted data integration product for law firms, and Intapp Time, which provides law firms with a 360° approach to time management.

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