Up Close at ILTACON 2017

This post on LinkedIn from Ben Weinberger at Prosperoware is worth a read. His feedback is that everything was no longer about cloud but the latest buzzword, AI – albeit that much of what’s being touted as AI isn’t, well, that. Other topics of interest included BI and analytics, while DMS remains hot and the competition between NetDocuments and iManage hotter. Firms are – and we would agree with this but only to a certain extent – paying better attention to what they do with technology, not just what they buy.
FYI, the dust may have settled on ILTA but we’ve yet to post our final thoughts on the impact of the management shake-up or the numerous conversations we’ve had with vendors and delegates about the future of the conference. Oh yes, and we’re still waiting for that email or call from the new management.

Up Close at ILTACON 2017
Beyond the recent (and controversial) organizational changes at ILTA, ILTACON already had a different feel for me since I jumped the fence from law

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