DocsCorp publishes its 2019 Report on PDF Editing Workflows for Portable Devices aiming to explain why organizations are still struggling to reduce their reliance on paper

Nearly 300 people were surveyed on how they digitally edit, review, and approve documents on different devices.
DocsCorp, a leading provider of enterprise productivity solutions, today published a new report into PDF editing workflows for portable devices. Nearly 300 people were surveyed about how they digitally edit and review documents on different devices to try to pinpoint why the demand for paper continues to increase – suggesting most organizations have not been able to go completely paperless.
The report is now available to download for free at
Global Marketing Manager at DocsCorp, Kerry Carroll, said the report comes at a time when remote working is critical, and businesses are investing more in portable devices than traditional desktop machines.
“It’s common knowledge that businesses want to use less paper since paper usage doesn’t just cost the planet. Gartner estimates that up to 3% of company revenue is spent on paper, printing, and filing costs. To be more paper-light, organizations are investing in tablets and other portable devices – whether it be supplied to staff directly or brought in by the user as part of a BYOD program- to encourage people to work with documents digitally as opposed to on hard copy. What the report found was that the devices themselves may be the issue.”
DocsCorp’s report found that people are most reluctant to work on tablets. Less than 10% of people surveyed said they do most of their work on a tablet. Even less saw themselves mostly working from a tablet in 12 months’ time (only 9.86%).
Readers will be able to learn more about general preferences for working with PDFs on portable devices, as well as ways to improve tablet adoption rates in the workplace. The report is especially relevant for CIOs and IT Managers at organizations where staff already use mostly portable devices or will be using mostly portable devices in the next 12 months. Get your copy of the report here:

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