#ILTACON19 NEWSWIRE: Bellefield OCG Live™ Recovers $12+ Million in 30 Days at Am Law 200 Firm

Bellefield Systems, the providers of the fastest path to revenue through its time entry and compliance solutions, announce astonishing results for firms which have adopted and implemented OCG Live™ since its release in Q4 2018. In one Am Law 200 firm in just one 30-day period, OCG Live identified 50,291 timecards with errors which translated into 29,315,676.93 million in revenue at risk, and ultimately $12,120,636.45 million in recovered fees.
Bellefield will be demonstrating OCG Live at ILTACON in Orlando at Booth #409, is hosting a Forum on OCG, Billing and Compliance on Monday, August 19th at ILTCON, and company president, Gabriela Isturiz will be leading Innovate the Basics, Deliver on Outside Counsel Guidelines, Save $15K a Day on Wednesday at 9am. The exceptional results firms are achieving with OCG Live are the foundation of the company’s two ILTA Distinguished Peer nominations: company president Gabriela Isturiz for Thought Leader of the Year and Bellefield as the ILTA Business Partner of the Year.
In 2018, Outside Counsel Guidelines (OCG) deeply challenged firms’ abilities to deliver quality timekeeping. The timecard, as the unit of revenue for law firms, is the most critical means of interacting with the client and the most direct communication of value. Firms were finding compliance with OCG so challenging and complex, however, that non-compliance was regarded as a cost of doing business, causing firms to lose up to $15,000 per day.
As the industry leader, Bellefield had the foresight and expertise to deliver a true innovation, one that both solves a complex business of law challenge as well as unlocks value for the firm and the client-firm relationship. In Q4 2018, Bellefield was first-to-market with the release of OCG Live™, a first-of-kind technology enabling firms to enforce compliance at the point of time entry.
OCG Live is the only solution that enables firms to actually manage and gain visibility into revenue at stake in the guidelines. This combined insight at the point of time entry and visibility into revenue enables firms to identify errors, recover fees, and deliver on the client mandates of efficiency and trust.
Since Q4 2018, 202 OCG Live licenses have been purchased.
Isturiz comments: “Every year, ILTA’s leadership organizes the industry’s premier event for legal technology and we will look forward to participating in this excellent educational forum and are honored to have been selected by our peers for outstanding work. What thrills us even more, however, are solving clients’ real challenges. We are very proud of the work we’ve done with our law firm partners to help them meet the challenges of compliance, and look forward to creating even better business outcomes moving forward.”
About Bellefield Systems
Bellefield provides the fastest path to revenue by removing barriers to time entry for attorneys and law firms. Through the Bellefield Timelab, Bellefield brings helps firms improve revenue by increasing attorney timekeeping engagement, providing real-time compliance with outside counsel guidelines and enabling firms to manage their time entry policies. In an area that was long disregarded and accepted as a “cost of doing business,” Bellefield’s innovations are bringing about efficiencies that allow firms to achieve the best timecard inventory, leading to less rejections, increased compliance and maximum client satisfaction.
Bellefield was founded with one simple (yet powerful) purpose: create better timekeepers. Bellefield’s flagship solution, iTimeKeep, has ranked as the #1 most adopted Mobile (and anywhere) Time Entry solution for attorneys for six consecutive years. Bellefield’s founding members include the former founders of eBillingHub (now Thomson Reuters™), Gabriela Isturiz and Daniel Garcia and software veteran, John Kuntz. Bellefield Systems is an independent, privately held company headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. To learn more, visit http://www.bellefield.com.
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