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Glenlegal 2019: Innovation and legal technology – better together?

Legal innovation teams have three primary objectives, Addleshaw Goddard’s head of innovation and legal technology Kerry Westland, who has recently made partner, told delegates at the 2019 Legal Leaders IT Forum. As set out by Michele DeStefano at the University of Miami in her paper on chief innovation officers, the first is to differentiate the firm, the second is to develop a culture of innovation and the third is to delight clients: Westland told delegates at the 2019 Legal Leaders IT Forum how her team deliver on those goals.

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Contract management: Conga launches AI Analyze

Having announced towards the end of 2018 that it will turn to a wide combination of AI technology to make document and contract automation more efficient, Conga today (23 April) announced the release of Conga AI Analyze to unlock business insights from digital documents and contracts.

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The 2019 LawWithoutWalls winners in full!

Congratulations to all of the winners of LawWithoutWalls, which took place before the Easter break, bringing together an impressive array of leading lawyers, business professionals, students and venture capitalists from around the world.

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Facebook appoints Jennifer Newstead as general counsel

In what is undoubtedly one of the toughest general counsel roles going at the moment, US Department of State legal adviser Jennifer Newstead is to join tech giant Facebook as general counsel, overseeing the company’s global legal functions.

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Happy Easter – The next Orange Rag will come out on 1 May!

With half of our audience off for the school Easter holidays or long Easter bank holiday, we’re pushing back publishing the Orange Rag to 1 May. Here is the new editorial deadline.

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Comment: The eureka moment – revolutionising legal marketing with high-tech methods

Today, law firm leaders are well aware of the need to market their firm digitally, and some are ahead of the curve by using innovative methods like video and even ‘voice’ marketing. Deciding which methods work and which are a waste of money is crucial to your success, says Peter Carr from Propero Partners.

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A2J: Epoq launches free online drafting tool for South African NPOs

In positive A2J news from South Africa, Epoq Legal has launched JusDraft; a real-time, online legal document drafting tool designed for South African non-profit organisations who need to create court forms, contracts, wills and more without the need for an attorney.

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“What differentiates this programme is our clients:” Slaughter and May talks Collaborate

Slaughter and May has launched a new legal tech programme, Slaughter and May Collaborate, bringing legal tech start-ups together with the London-headquartered firm clients to help shape future of legal technology.

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Manage your supply chain: White & Case says blockchain may be the answer

Blockchain technology provider Integra Ledger has announced it is working with White & Case to develop a proof-of-concept to streamline the time consuming process that is the exchange of environmental, sustainability and governance procurement questionnaires. We look at a similar fintech initiative and ask UCL vice dean for innovation, Dr Anna Donovan, for her take on the evolution and use cases for the technology in the legal sector.

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LegalKEY swapout: US firm Buchanan Ingersoll signs up with LegalRM

In a significant US win for London-headquartered records management company LegalRM, Am Law 200 firm Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney PC has joined its growing list of clients, underscoring a focus on the North American legal market.

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Exclusive: Advanced increases legal forms stronghold with acquisition of Oyez Professional Services

Advanced has acquired Oyez Professional Services, increasing the UK software vendor’s stronghold on forms for the profession, Legal IT Insider has learnt. Advanced acquired rival company Laserform for £4.8m back in 2006.

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Tech and innovation leads are increasingly making partner – and women are leading the charge

This week Shruti Ajitsaria, head of Allen & Overy’s innovation hub Fuse, was promoted to partner. She is believed to be the first lawyer focused exclusively on innovation to be made up. In the same week, former transaction services paralegal Kerry Westland, now head of innovation and legal technology at Addleshaw Goddard, was also made partner. Ajitsaria and Westland are amongst a growing number of legaltechleads to be invited to the top table, which has traditionally been reserved for practising lawyers.

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Shangai consultancy STG launches ‘pay as you go’ compare tool powered by Workshare

Shanghai-based software consultancy Smart Team Global has launched a Microsoft Azure-hosted comparison tool Matteroom Compare powered by Workshare.

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Muckle invests in suite of BigHand products

As BigHand continues its strategic drive to be at the front and centre of the back-office legal support function, Newcastle law firm Muckle has invested in a suite of BigHand solutions, including task delegation tool BigHand Now.

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UK v US: YouGov Intapp poll surveys lawyer attitudes to technology

Almost half of UK lawyers and a third of US lawyer feel that the technology they use every day doesn’t fully meet their needs, with UK lawyers also very likely to say that their firm needs to invest more in technology, according to a recent YouGov poll conducted by Intapp.

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