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TORONTO PART ONE: The Incubator Scene

Toronto has one of the most vibrant technology scenes in the world and in legal technology has given birth to the likes of Clio, Kira Systems and Diligen as well as one of the first, if not the first, global master of laws in innovation, law and technology at the University of Toronto Faculty of Laws. Caroline Hill talks to some key people about the thriving government-funded incubator scene including the pros and the dangers of government funding.

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The July/August issue of the Legal IT Insider newsletter is out now!

The July/August issue of the Orange Rag is out now and should provide you with plenty of food for thought over the summer! The Orange Rag is back at the end of September. Keep your eyes on the website for continued daily news and updates. Editor Caroline Hill will be at ILTA in August – please drop her a line if you want to meet up.

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The May 2019 Legal IT Insider Newsletter – issue #323 – is out now

Well well well, how is it the end of May, that’s what we want to know. In this bumper issue of the Orange Rag we bring you all the latest news, analysis and commentary from all the leading players.

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Phoenix grows up: A look at its marriage to Morae

For iManage, knowing that its biggest implementation partner was up for sale must have been an unnerving experience and it’s no wonder that Phoenix Business Solutions’ founder and CEO Mat Crocker tells us that he regarded the company’s acquisition this week by Morae Global Corporation as a marriage that needed iManage’s blessing. We speak to Crocker and Morae’s founder and CEO Shahzad Bashir about the union.

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The April 2019 Legal IT Insider Newsletter – issue #322 – is out now

Welcome to the April edition of the Orange Rag – yes, we know it’s the 1st May but you are such fantastic people we thought we’d let you have the Easter holiday week off!

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The 2019 Buyer’s Guide to UK eDisclosure Systems is available now!

The Insider’s definitive Buyers Guide to UK eDisclosure systems is available now. Researched and written by Andrew Haslam and published in conjunction with Legal IT Insider – and now in its seventh edition, the Guide has become an industry bible.

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Comment: The eureka moment – revolutionising legal marketing with high-tech methods

Today, law firm leaders are well aware of the need to market their firm digitally, and some are ahead of the curve by using innovative methods like video and even ‘voice’ marketing. Deciding which methods work and which are a waste of money is crucial to your success, says Peter Carr from Propero Partners.

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Trending: Has EY Law bitten off more than it can chew in Pangea3? Quite possibly

When Thomson Reuters decided to offload its global legal managed services company, I like to think that the conversation went something like this: TR: “Hey EY, wassup, you wanna buy Pangea3? Yeh, you might have heard we’re having a little restructure…” Just because this is EY should we naturally assume that its acquisition was part of some pre-ordained world legal domination plan that is falling nicely into place? Probably not, says editor Caroline Hill.

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Seal Software’s $15m injection from DocuSign: The analysis

DocuSign’s $15m investment in Seal Software is an immediately obvious move that will help DocuSign continue to build out its intelligent agreement framework and will open doors and relationships to Seal during a stage of its growth where it continues to burn through cash. Here’s our in-depth take on the investment and strategy.

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The March 2019 Legal IT Insider Newsletter – issue #321 – is out now

With more legal tech breaking news and insights than you can shake a stick at, welcome to the March edition of the Orange Rag! And our top story is after the first exhaustive side-by-side evaluation of iManage Work 10 in the cloud and NetDocuments, Clifford Chance has selected iManage, we can reveal, following what CIO Paul Greenwood is at pains to stress was such a close-run selection process that it had to be extended.

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Comment: Achieving a Successful DMS Project

Firms must adopt their DMS — owning the technology, which 98% do already, is insufficient.  In part I of this series, I discussed the concrete business drivers that should help firms make the business case for adoption and the particulars of client governance mandates.  It’s one thing to point out a problem that everyone knows about, however—but another to offer a solution, says Prosperoware’s founder Keith Lipman.

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Planning Your Next Legal IT Strategy Discussion (Part III): Focus on Talent

This is the final installment of a 3-part series offering a framework for law firm leaders to discuss and plan a sustainable IT strategy that enables internal and external digital clients of today and tomorrow. In this final installment, Peter Krakaur, vice president of legal business solutions at UnitedLex focuses on staffing and talent model disruption as an indispensable ingredient to enable a technology strategy that will drive successful future legal practices and business models.

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Risk and tech: Looking Glass report shows budget and skills gap the biggest issue for GCs

Less than half (43%) of general counsel and board members (35%) believe their organisations are sufficiently prepared for the impact of rising political risk and despite acknowledged increased cyber risk there is a tangible skills gap when it comes to investing in the right technology, according to a new Looking Glass report from Clyde & Co and Winmark that is definitely worth a read.

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Comment: Cyber Governance 101 – Who to trust?

IT Directors are facing a predicament – budgets for IT services including cybersecurity are on the rise in 2019, but the cybersecurity industry continues to promote the myth that the complex, expensive solutions are the only way to mitigate the threat from the omnipotent, superuser hacker. Do IT teams then simply allocate significant proportions of budget to these silver bullet solutions that will tackle these unknown threats? Erm, no.

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Comment: The transformational effect of small changes

Digital transformation – nothing short of “harnessing the power of digital technology to rethink every aspect of the organisation” (according to McKinsey) – is the hottest of hot topics, says Autto’s co-founder Max Cole. Recently, the government launched a grant competition – Transforming Accountancy, Insurance and Legal Services (TAILS) – aimed at digital transformation in the professional services arena, and Autto was one of the winners. But adopting technology without fully and clearly understanding what it is going to solve is a hiding to nothing, he says.

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