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Comment: Data Analytics in Law is Loom-ing

I often hear litigators claim that legal innovation holds nothing for them; that good litigators are simply those who outwork the other party. But what if they could now trade working harder for working smarter? In the fast and furious world of legal technology, another Canadian success story is emerging: Toronto-based, Loom Analytics is now playing a lead role in the application of data analytics to legal services, says Mitchell Kowalski.

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Do you want AI with that – Andrew Haslam’s annual review of the New York LegalTech show

Each year I try to identify a theme for the article to bind the different strands together. This year is reflected in the slightly tongue in cheek headline “Do you want AI with that?” as in the fast food industry where “do you want fries with that?” became a standard upsell to any order, so AI seems to be tacked on to every presentation (and a lot of demonstrations) at the event. As you will see, the theme throughout the show, was the use of AI within the legal industry. The overwhelming conference preoccupation with AI meant that there was a bit of a disconnect between the makeup of the exhibition (which was, as ever, dominated by eDiscovery suppliers), and the key notes, briefing sessions, conversations and side events going on during the three days.

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Wow! We’ve really upset the President!

Please note the date! (OK, we know some humour-deficient people will not realise this is a joke.) And thank you Janders Dean for the Internet meme.

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Saturday News Special: Aaron & Partners unveils AaronBot – the artificial intelligence partner for law firms

UK law firm Aaron & Partners LLP today announces the launch of AaronBot – an innovative artificial intelligence (AI) robot designed to replace underperforming law firm partners. Following on from the success of its ‘Expel Your Partner’ app – launched exactly two years ago today – AaronBot’s complex AI algorithm allows it to quickly recognise and replicate standard partner behaviours, such as shouting at trainees, never making tea or coffee in the office and taking credit for other people’s work.

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The March 2017 issue of the Legal IT Insider is out now

Welcome to the latest issue of the Legal IT Insider newsletter – March 2017 – Issue #301. Top stories include… End of an era as Tikit and iManage part ways after 15 years: customers exit stage left to applause from Tikit competitors + In-house Legal: Barclays invests in new tech to rationalise bank’s external legal spend – one law firm has now had its invoice rejected 47 times! + Big Law: Slaughter and May has stake in AI business & Freshfields launch innovation group + Gleneagles Legal Leaders Forum: we have a full report on what corporate clients think about law firms + Mike Lynch on investing in Machine Learning tech companies: the real world is full of “noise” – non-meaningful data

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Comment: Peter Campbell of Australian law firm Hall & Wilcox on six key questions to understanding legal tech developments

There is massive hype and conjecture about where technology is taking legal services but I think we need to remind ourselves that technology alone isn’t going to make the difference. Technology has the capacity to be an enabler of change, but the technology itself is not a differentiator, nor does it create a strategic advantage by itself.

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Startup Corner: The Success of Legal Tech Startups Outside the M25

Is there life on Mars? Or at least a thriving law tech startup scene outside the M25? Yes says Encompass co-founder Roger Carson

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Something for the #Legalit Weekend: Speeka da lingo? asks Andy Stokes

The irascible Andy Stokes fears he is changing from a middle aged curmudgeon into an ‘AI’ evangelist…

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Cybersecurity: did cyber attacks cost UK legal £20 million in 2016?

A new security barometer, carried out by office technology specialists, Altodigital, to better understand the impact of security breaches on UK business, has discovered almost one in five (18%) UK businesses has been targeted by hackers in the last 12 months, costing the economy a whopping £1.9 billion. Stats also suggest that 28% of the legal sector was targeted by hackers in 2016, with a cost to UK firms of £20 million.

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Guest post: Millennials Really DO Need Technology Training

Last year, Casey Flaherty and Darth Vaugh wrote an article for the ABA Journal about the myth that Millennials are innately adept with any and all technology. Spoiler alert: they’re not. Yet, the myth still […]

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Cybersecurity: Most hackers can access systems and steal valuable data within 24 hours says Nuix Black Report

More than three-quarters (88%) of hackers can break through cybersecurity defences and into the systems they target within 12 hours, while 81% say they can identify and take valuable data within another 12 hours, even though the breach may not be discovered for hundreds of days, according to research by global technology company Nuix. The Nuix Black Report, the results of a confidential survey of 70 professional hackers and penetration testers at DEFCON, the world’s largest hacking and security conference, will overturn many conventional understandings and sacred cows of the cybersecurity industry.

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The February issue of the Legal IT Insider is out now – and it’s our 300th edition!

Top stories include: CLOC to open Euro chapter – big news for inhouse legal teams & their tech vendors + Peppermint has a bout of growing pains + the Insider launches legal tech startup initiative – who’s hot & who’s not?

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Fake news? Bar Council supports initiative to educate school children about the judiciary

In an extraordinary bid to ensure that school children are better educated than parents who “read newspaper headlines describing judges as ‘enemies of the people’”, from today every secondary school in the UK will have access to online classroom resources about the UK’s judges in an initiative led by the Citizenship Foundation supported by the Bar Council.

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Guest post: Law firms must make their staff an effective part of their cyber defence

Backed by recent cyberattack stats and figures, Daryl Flack, CIO and co-founder of Blockphish says that law firms need to be not only training their staff but empowering them to take responsibility for detecting potential attacks.

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UPDATED: EU Parliament: Special legal status for robots & AI on the way – see footer

Andrew Joint, commercial technology partner at Kemp Little, outlines the EU Parliament’s current discussions on giving robots special legal status, the highly complex issue of liability as AI becomes more autonomous, and how genuine legal discussion is not helped by science fiction.

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