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thedocyard receives AUD$500,000 in government funding

The Australian government has granted a $500,000 innovation award to legal technology platform thedocyard, which provides a one-stop-shop for deal management, as part of a wider push to transition the economy from one based on mining and resources to ideas and technology. 

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Startup corner: Foundation Software Group in Focus

Founded in 2014 by Nate Fineberg – ex-CEO and founder of Interface Software – and Brett Palmer, Foundation Software Group creates SaaS apps for large law firms and counts 10 Am Law 100 firms as clients. You legal veterans will recall that Interface created InterAction, which was acquired by LexisNexis in December 2004. Foundation Software’s focus is currently helping firms to collect and leverage their collective work experience.

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Startup corner: Fliplet in focus

Fliplet is a user-friendly platform for law firms to create apps, including accessing a suite of pre-built apps that can be adapted for the likes of law firm events, client support or crisis management. Founded in 2013, Fliplet initially thought its target audience would be small law firms. Then along came Sky.

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Startup corner: Atrium LTS raises $10.5m to “revolutionise legal services”

US serial entrepreneur Justin Kan has raised $10.5m in the first round of funding for his new legal technology startup Atrium LTS, which appears likely to focus on workflow tools for lawyers and client-facing tech.

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Startup Corner: Divorce Right in focus

Divorce Right was founded in 2014 to make the divorce process easier, allowing parting couples to prepare and exchange documents online and keep up to date with their case. Winner of a place in the Janders Dean and LexisNexis 2016 Legal Innovation Index, here, founder and lawyer Anne-Marie Cade describes how technology can help make a difference to the very human story behind it and how solicitors need to find news ways to solve old problems.

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In brief: CrowdJustice raises $2m in seed funding

Crowdfunding platform CrowdJustice has raised a $2m in a seed investment round involving four venture capital firms.

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The May issue of the Legal IT Insider newsletter is out now

Top stories include: CMS say no thanks to Elite 3E and consolidate on older Enterprise + Vendor litigation: Litera patent claims against DocsCorp dismissed “with prejudice” + Ediscovery: has the kCura launch of its UK Relativity SaaS platform pitched into a hosting war with its partners? + New ITS + CSN partnership say they can rollout Elite 3E fast and 40% cheaper + We also keep score on the Elite versus Aderant competition & the latest happenings on Planet iManage

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Startup corner: CrowdJustice in Focus

CrowdJustice helps provide much needed access to justice by raising funds and awareness for legal cases, enabling communities to back legal action that matters to them and lawyers to take on cases that they may not otherwise take. UK founded, CrowdJustice has launched in the US and received huge national coverage in both jurisdictions. We say it’s an example of modern technology at its best. Here is founder Julia Salasky with more.

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Startup Corner: Contractinbox in focus

Contractinbox is a marketplace for B2B contracts and eDeals. Founder Heema Dawoonauth talks about global growth, looking for seed investment, and how not every law firm is happy to see legal tech succeed in a traditionally protected market.

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LawAdvisor to launch in the UK and take on Janders Dean investment

Australian legal tech startup LawAdvisor is set to launch in the UK and has secured the financial backing and support from legal management consultancy Janders Dean, taking total investment in the fledgling company to over $AUS1m.

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Startup Corner: Avvoka in Focus

Describing itself colloquially as Google Docs for contracts, Avvoka is trying to move corporates away from the traditional drafting process in Microsoft Word and onto its SaaS contract creation platform, where its document assembly tools create first drafts using decision tree software. 

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Comment: Legal tech startups – Do you want extra froth with that?

It says an awful lot about the legal tech startup market that businesses which have been involved in the scene since 2010 or before are gobsmacked that the sector is now being described as ‘frothy’ or ‘overhyped’.

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Australian startup Lawcadia gets $500,000 funding boost

Brisbane-based legaltech startup Lawcadia, which launched in February 2016, has received AUS$500,000 from the Queensland Government’s Business Development Fund to expand its legal procurement business.

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The April 2017 issue of the Legal IT Insider is out now

TOP STORIES INCLUDE: • eSentio sues HBR Consulting over NetDocuments swap out at Akin Gump and King & Spalding • Contract risk analysis platform ThoughtRiver raises over $1million in funding • RBRO says its business as usual in UK for iManage customers after departure of senior execs • Workshare says we won’t be beaten by the competition on speed or accuracy

AND welcome to the Insider’s new (and FREE to read) Legal Tech Startup Directory – 18 pages of listings and analysis on over 50 innovative companies who have broken with the law firm herd mentality and are set to change the face of legal practice in the UK, Europe, US and APAC regions. You can also discover which startups describe themselves as “Just Eat for Lawyers” and “LinkedIn meets Tinder”

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Startup Corner: ClauseMatch in Focus

In March, document and workflow collaboration platform ClauseMatch gained the full attention of the FinTech sector after Barclays signed up with the startup, which took part in Barclays’ accelerator programme. Focussed on overhauling the contract negotiating process, it should also be on your radar. Here, ClauseMatch, which is in Legal IT Insider’s brand new startup directory out this week (note: Thursday 27 April), tells us more about how the platform works and who is behind it.

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