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Talking Tech: A year on from iManage’s acquisition of RAVN, CEO Neil Araujo talks integration

In our latest Talking Tech video, Caroline Hill talks to iManage’s CEO Neil Araujo about the integration of RAVN Systems, a year on from its acquisition by the document management system leader. Is the focus now purely embedding RAVN’s AI within iManage? Will we see the creation of a tool to compete with Kira or Luminance? Those are among a handful of topics covered in this nine-minute clip filmed at ConnectLive in London.

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The Midweek Movie (only slightly delayed) – Moving to the Intapp Secured Cloud

Bryce Hustad, Director of Information Technology at Zelle LLP, discusses his firm’s experience in moving to Intapp Intake and Conflicts in the cloud.

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And here’s an interesting new pricing app – Price High or Low – to help you quote an up-front fixed fee

Courtesy Joel Barolsky of Melbourne-based Price High or Low – available on the Apple App Store

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The Midweek Movie with Chris White, Global CIO of Clyde & Co in conversation with Intapp

Chris White, Global CIO at Clyde & Co discusses his experience working with Intapp – and the impact that Intapp has had on time recording and conficts management.

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Intapp Inception 2017 recap video – are you in it?

Intapp has published a ‘recap’ video of its Inception 2017 conference and we particularly like the facial expressions of one of our favourite IT directors who appears to be dozing off in one clip. Also, who is the dribbling man?

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Lexis launches video practice guide with James Wagstaffe

In the consumer world there’s little you can’t find the answer to on YouTube and that trend is creeping into legal practice, with the launch by LexisNexis Legal & Professional in the US today (23 May) of a first-of-its-kind practice guide in partnership with James M. Wagstaffe, who for over 30 years co-authored The Rutter Group Federal Civil Procedure Before Trial.

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Intapp launches teaser video for its Inception 2017 show

Intapp have just released a teaser video for the company’s Inception 2017 event which will take place in San Francisco on 15-18 May. More details at – currently registrations are running at around three times the rate of this time last year. They must have heard about Kaye Sycamore’s return!

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New Legal IT Video: Charles Christian talks to Karl Irons of HEY Solicitors

Charles Christian talks to Karl Irons, the managing director of HEY Solicitors on how technology drives the business. This 15 minute video was produced in conjunction with DPS Software Ltd.

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SmartLaw – The future of law podcast

In this 25 minute podcast, Ryan McClead, Stuart Barr and Ben Wightwick of HighQ and Ron Friedmann of Fireman & Company and Prism Legal discuss the concept of SmartLaw – the convergence of culture, clients and technology – and how it can help law firms ‘survive the future of law.’ In a law firm where technologists aren’t typically invited to speak to clients, how can they persuade management of the value they can provide working directly for clients?

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Another new video: Why you should use Regulated Local Authority Searches

InfoTrack offers Regulated Local Authority Searches, which provide a reliable, fast and cost effective alternative to Official Local Authority searches for conveyancers. Watch this short video to see how InfoTrack can change the way you work.

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New Video: Introducing InfoTrack Conveyancing Services

InfoTrack provides a platform where you can complete all your conveyancing tasks including Land Registry Searches, Conveyancing Searches, SDLT Submissions, AP1 Transfers and more. Watch this short video to see how InfoTrack can change the way you work…

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New Video: DW Reporting on its Evaluate system

DW Reporting has just published its first video – it highlights the features of Evaluate – a matter pricing, budgeting and tracking solution for legal and professional service organisations.

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New video from Intapp highlights their integrated solutions

Get out the popcorn, if you are interested in the Intapp suite of applications, check out this video shot at their recent global user conference. The video runs for about 35 minutes and each of the “players” have their own thematic entrance music – OK, dim the lights…

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Lights, Camera – and Cut the corporate video mistakes

The ideal length of your video is shorter than you think. In the digital age, with shorter attention spans, research shows that 20% of people will switch a video off after 10 seconds if it doesn’t engage them. After a minute 45% of your remaining viewers will have stopped watching and 60% after two minutes. The ideal length for a corporate video is between 30 and 90 seconds, so aim for 60 seconds and deliver your key message early!

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White Paper: Compliance in the cloud + Taylor Vinters case study video

Andy Tipton, Product Developer at Appurity Connect, considers the implications of cloud technology within the legal profession. How can law firms maintain compliance and productivity when they’re working in the cloud?

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