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Legal IT Events: Zurich iGaming Affiliate Conference

Added on the 9th Apr 2019 at 5:05 pm
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On June 21, Switzerland will host the first Zurich iGaming Affiliate Conference by Smile-Expo –

This event unites two sectors: affiliate marketing and iGaming. Guests will be able to enjoy a conference and a demo zone where experts engaged in both industries will reveal how to optimize business, while companies will present their solutions and services.

Key points of the conference:
– how to operate in Switzerland and Europe in accordance with the new laws;
– how to find the most profitable affiliate networks;
– how to promote a product using an affiliate network in the iGaming niche;
– what new promotion tools are existing now.

The event will feature a special area for exhibitors. They will include companies closely related to iGaming and affiliate marketing. They will show their promotion solutions, IT products for online casinos, and various third-party services.

Will see you at #ZurichIAC!

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