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Trending: The “One” & only “Place” to be “Global” tech giant Intapp’s latest acquisition

Added on the 23rd May 2019 at 9:53 am
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Intapp today announced it has acquired OnePlace, a leading provider of cloud-based solutions for marketing and business development teams. Intapp and OnePlace are joining forces to address the growing need for a unified front office solution spanning the client life-cycle that helps firms cultivate key relationships, drive growth, and better compete in their modern marketplace.

OnePlace, founded in 2012, was an early pioneer in cloud-based marketing solutions, helping more than 60 professional services customers replace their legacy CRM. The combination brings together OnePlace’s deep domain knowledge and team of experts in marketing and business development technology, with Intapp’s market-leading Industry Cloud for Professional Services.

With this acquisition, Intapp says that the market will now have an integrated client life-cycle solution for the front office that enables seamless collaboration across the firm and its partners and business services teams; from strategy to origination and execution.

“Coupled with our other recent acquisitions of DealCloud and gwabbit, adding OnePlace to our portfolio further demonstrates Intapp’s commitment to assembling the industry’s best team to deliver on the full vision of a modern, unified front office solution for our customers,” said Dan Tacone, Intapp’s president. “Together, we will help our customers execute marketing and business development growth strategies more efficiently and effectively.”

“My team and I are excited to join with Intapp to make the industry’s leading client life-cycle experience even more complete and powerful,” said Tim Smith, OnePlace’s CEO. “At its core, this acquisition will deliver a single, reliable source of truth for client and prospect knowledge to our combined customer roster. Like Intapp, we believe in the ‘everything in one place’ ethos. Our combined team has the unique capability to execute this vision.”

The full story will follow shortly after my 11.30am interview with John Hall, CEO of Intapp.


  1. Steve Sumner says:

    An interesting move in the market, what is their strategy for the business, target market, top x firms, is there going to be an offering for mid-market firms with limited budgets…..does this make OnePlace a premium product?

    How does it snap-in with their other acquisitions, Gwabbit and DealCloud?

  2. NC says:

    strange one this – CRM will remain a white elephant in legal as long as the Partnership model and the ‘my client’ ethos exists (despite the fluff some firms spout). So why would a leading player with a good reputation in the inception, time, protection and general workflow space risk diluting its status with a CRM product. I can only think an acquisition of a finance system is coming (maybe Lexis One when SAG realise what they’ve done) so that another attempt at a legal ERP is on the cards.

  3. LB says:

    Not sure it’s a strange one IMO. The product sits well in Intapp’s portfolio and compliments the Dealcloud offering. We have seen Intapp take this path before with Frayman. Expand market share and reduce the competition. If you can afford it why not..

    The white elephant would be addressed with a suitable technology offering that lawyers actual see the benefit of using and isn’t too cumbersome to use.

    If you take in the messaging from the recent conference around zero entry CRM, data led insights around relationships this has the makings to leverage CRM and give the value to management of the client lifecycle. Now plug that wonderful process and data into a world class inception, compliance, time etc offering and you get to see the reasons Intapp have gone this route and the possible value of joining these dots as a platform for lawyers to use.

    I’m sure the financial system thing would be a nice step at some point. But then I think your point about “why would they” comes more to mind.

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