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Case study: Esigning cuts turnaround times from 19 to 5 days

Added on the 6th May 2014 at 4:40 pm
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Here’s a new case study about a Fortune 500 company that recently implemented Adobe EchoSign in its legal department. As quick background, Adobe EchoSign is an end-to-end web contracting and e-signature solution that simplifies signing contracts and allows users to work more efficiently while securely tracking and managing documents in the cloud.

The Legal Operations team at NetApp, a leading computer storage provider, realized that the handling of the company’s nondisclosure agreements (NDAs) had become a time consuming process. By working with its General Counsel, the team identified EchoSign as a solution that could improve the process by streamlining and automating it. Now NetApp sales representatives can use EchoSign to instantly route the NDA to clients and have it signed from any tablet or laptop device – providing for completion that is three times faster than when done on paper.

With EchoSign, NetApp has achieved the following results:
·         Reduced turnaround time for sales contracts from 19 days to 5 days.
·         Increased productivity of contract support staff by reducing contract processing time from 15 hours to 1 hour per week.

You can read the full case study here NetApp + EchoSign

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