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Friday afternoon strokey beard corner

Added on the 20th Jul 2018 at 1:24 pm
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“I’ve worked in the legal sector since 1980 and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard that we are at a turning point. There have been times of significant progress and this is one.”

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  1. Andy Stokes says:

    That explains a lot … enough turning points in the same direction, with an increasing frequency, leads to ever decreasing circles.

    … and yes, I was stroking my beard…

  2. Jonathan Maas says:

    “Oh look: they have a new shiny thing. I want a new shiny thing, too, but more bigly shiny. I WANT A NEW SHINY THING NOW!”

    “But what does it do?”

    “I don’t know, but I WANT A NEW SHINY THING or everyone will think I’m no good.”

    “But what does it do?”

    “Oooh look, they’ve got a new shiny thing, too: it must be good. Get me a new shiny thing! Now.”

    “But what does it DO?”

    “Oh no – now THEY’VE got a new shiny thing and I still DON’T. I must be Billy no-mates. No-one’s going to want to play with me. GET ME MY NEW SHINY THING.”

    “But what does i…”

    “LOOK LOOK LOOK: there’s a different new shiny thing over there. I want it!”

    “You got that eight years ago and got bored of it in the first six months. Want me to dust it off?”


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