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Trending… Legal tech circa 2018 and what you can expect from Legal IT Insider

Added on the 29th Oct 2018 at 9:57 am

One innovation head tells us they had the popcorn out all last week during a war of words on Twitter, which erupted after Kira Systems’ founder Noah Waisberg at Legal Geek called for the legal tech press at large to become more discerning in its coverage of ‘AI’ and emerging technology and try to help avoid some of the hype.

A valid call, I thought it would be worth reminding you of a few things you can expect from Legal IT Insider, given that some of the frustration in that war of words surrounded paid for product endorsements and the like.

We don’t pay to play

You can’t pay to post comments or news on Legal IT Insider. Full stop. We don’t run any advertorials or sponsored content. Our Legal IT Newswire was set up to enable the market to post their press releases for free as a way of giving something back to the community. If it’s confusing, let us know.

We commission big intelligence reports that are expensive (we pay someone to research and write them) and are sponsored. Sponsors are not given copy approval – the editorial content is independent.

We write negative stories about advertisers

We are not beholden to write positive stories about advertisers and our advertisers are smart and realise that the value of our proposition is that our editorial content is independent.

We may well post press releases or bits of releases

There has been some criticism on social media of the blind press release culture – mostly directed at those generating them en masse.

We separate the hot air from the substance and provide you with comment on the news. But given the volume of news being demanded and generated today you may well spot the odd press release. We follow up the more interesting stories with longer commentary in our monthly newsletter, the Orange Rag, sign up here:

We are growing

You will spot content going forward from Amy Carroll, former editor of private equity publication Real Deals. Amy wrote our Accounting Tech report and is awesome. She is learning the legal tech ropes, please help her. Amy is working on a freelance basis but will be covering news stories most days of the week and continuing to write reports.

We (mostly) value your input

While we reserve the right not to be interested in the latest press release about your exciting office move, we really value your input and participation.

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  1. Charles Christian says:

    I’d just add – as the founder of the Insider way back in 1995 – that I could have retired years ago if the Insider had gone the payola/pay-to-play/sponsored-content/supported-content route of some of our erstwhile competitors in the UK & US – but I didn’t. I had this crazy idea that our readers weren’t stupid and would prefer stories selected on their editorial merit rather than on the size of some tech company’s marketing budget.

    AI – sure, there’s a lot of hype. Tech goes through phases with particular concepts becoming flavour of the month and then being forgotten 12 months later. It wasn’t that long ago that everything was “Cloud this” and “Cloud that”. AI will go the same way – it’s another passing phase. We’ve now reached peak AI hype, in 12 months something else will be the buzzword-du-jour concept.

    Where does the hype come from? Not from journalists – we merely report & reflect upon what tech vendors and tech purchasers (i.e. law firms) are saying. If they apparently believe they have pioneering AI, well good luck to them. Enjoy the Kool-Aid while you can. For the record, nobody has AI at the moment – give it another 20 years of R&D. What we do have is machine-learning (or ML) + what are basically smart case management systems (a tech that has been around since the late 1970s) + in the case of some so-called AI vendors, Excel auto-fill formula.

  2. Ann Onymoos says:

    Yeah. Noah was pretty silent for years when he was getting free press placements and claiming he would never accept investor money. Next time he’s over this way he should bring home some fine Stilton to accompany his fine whine.

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