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Workshare’s comparison tech to be integrated with iManage 10

Added on the 25th May 2017 at 7:11 pm

Workshare has extended its partnership with iManage, with the document production applications provider’s comparison technology Compare Everywhere to be integrated with iManage Work 10.

Users will be able to perform DeltaView comparisons directly within the familiar environment of their document management system.

“Workshare is evolving the traditional integration with iManage. By integrating our solution, our partner’s users will enjoy real mobility and the best possible comparison experience.” said Nick Thomson (pictured), chief revenue officer at Workshare. “Users of iManage Work 10 can get the speed and accuracy of DeltaView without leaving the Work 10 platform and without requiring any third party desktop or cloud software, which is a break-through in the market.”

Workshare has written a JavaScript component called DeltaView.js that shows changes between documents and makes it simple for third party platforms to integrate the full comparison functionality within their user experience. The benefit for end users is vast – making it much more intuitive, removing any wasted clicks, delays or security concerns as result of versions being passed between third party applications.

“We think this extension to our partnership with iManage and the evolution of document comparison is really exciting. As well as being of huge benefit to end users, it simplifies the lives of IT teams who can more easily support the drive to mobility. As a firm, we’re looking forward to continuing to work closely with the team at iManage to integrate the other Workshare component inside the Work10 environment,” Thomson concluded.

Sandeep Joshi, iManage VP of Business Development, said: “iManage gives users a rich platform, making it easier for technology providers to leverage iManage Work 10 to create a seamless experience. We’re really pleased to see how Workshare has used APIs to embed the full experience of their product, which will not only benefit the end users, but will also make upgrading easier for our shared customers.”

The news follows iManage’s announcement yesterday that it is acquiring RAVN Systems, which will enable law firms to extensively search and analyse their documents, extracting more value from the repository.


  1. Confused says:

    How is this any different from how it was integrated previously (in older versions) and how does this differ from other products’ integrations (such as Litera or DocsCorp)? I don’t get it.

  2. Dave Ewart, Global Marketing Director, Workshare says:

    We’re excited because our “Compare Everywhere” technology can be embedded in platforms, like iManage Work 10, which is significantly different to an integration. Vendors or integrators can EMBED our comparison solution in their systems’ user interface, without forcing their users to run separate apps or integrations on their desktop. Driving the DeltaView comparison and manipulating how changes are signaled and presented to the user is no longer locked to a desktop app or tied to an Outlook integration on Windows. It’s different to the way traditional comparison has been integrated, and it opens new possibilities for platforms like iManage Work 10, as well as non-Windows and mobile environments. Give us a call if you’d like a demo – hope this helps clarify!