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ACC Legal Operations selects QuisLex to develop eDiscovery toolkit

Added on the 6th Feb 2018 at 2:26 pm
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QuisLex, a leading legal services provider, has been selected to collaborate with the ACC Legal Operations in the development of the eDiscovery & Litigation Management Toolkit, one of 14 toolkits that are part of the recently launched ACC Legal Operations Maturity Model, Toolkit and Webinar Series. The eDiscovery & Litigation Management Toolkit will become part of the ACC resource library and available to the entire 43,000+ ACC in-house counsel community. QuisLex will also be participating in a webcast with ACC on March 22.

The ACC Legal Operations Maturity Model, Toolkit and Webinar Series is designed as a reference and maturity benchmarking resource to enhance the operations of a law department. The model identifies 14 operational areas and describes the characteristics of each area with regard to three maturity stages: early, intermediate and advanced. The toolkits are designed to assist legal departments in reaching at least the intermediate level in each area.

ACC chose QuisLex for the development of this toolkit due to its deep and broad experience in providing managed document review services. QuisLex has reviewed more than six billion pages, hundreds of thousands of hours of audio recordings, created privilege logs running into tens of thousands of entries, and worked on matters before courts in most major jurisdictions and regulatory agencies worldwide.

“The legal operations field is growing quickly, with more and more companies expanding this crucial function each year,” says QuisLex CEO Ram Vasudevan. “ACC Legal Operations Maturity Model, Toolkit and Webinar Series will be a great resource in helping legal operations professionals provide greater value to their organizations.”

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