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Legal IT Insider Top 200 – download here

Downloads of the Legal IT Insider Top 200 have gone through the roof since we launched the new and updated – and yes, free – version at the end of July. The most comprehensive list of who uses what in the business has been updated after a lengthy process of engagement with both vendors and IT directors. Speak up now if you would like to see further changes.

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How Legal Analytics is Changing the Legal Landscape

Legal analytics is poised to transform both law firms and law departments, says Lex Machina’s CEO Josh Becker. In today’s digital marketplace, the application of data-driven analytics is essential to both the practice and the business of law.

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Legaltech acquisition: Intapp acquires financial services CRM DealCloud

In a move that will increase Intapp’s exposure to the financial services market, the Silicon Valley-headquartered vendor has acquired cloud based investment banking client relationship management platform DealCloud, in a deal that also sees it move a step closer to becoming a cradle to grave platform to support the law firm lifecycle.

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Ooh it must be ILTA soon: Thomson Reuters Elite partners with American LegalNet

As vendors begin pushing out win and deal announcements in the run up to ILTA, Thomson Reuters Elite will today (14 August) announce a new alliance partnership with American LegalNet to help its clients streamline the litigation processes.

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Finalists Revealed for the Inaugural 2018 Changing Lawyer Awards

Litera Microsystems today (13 August) announced 20 legal professionals and organizations as finalists for the inaugural 2018 Changing Lawyer Awards, for which Legal IT Insider editor Caroline Hill is honoured to be among the distinguished judges. The awards are an opportunity for individuals, firms, and companies in the legal industry to be recognised for their willingness to embrace and drive change – through new technology, service models, or behaviour.

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Eigen who? The startup with £13m world domination plans

We spoke to founder and chief executive Lewis Liu and general counsel Adam Eastell about Eigen Technologies’ ambitious plans to classify and extract data across the firm, across all practice areas, and across the front, mid and back office. If you didn’t catch this in the free monthly Orange Rag first time round, the link to register is here.

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Trending: Measuring LegalTech ROI – new tool unveiled here

Legal departments need to know how to calculate the ROI of their legal technology investments to demonstrate that they are a good steward of company resources, validate their decision-making, and inform future projects in their legal tech roadmap. Here Xakia founder and CEO Jodie Baker gives you the mathematical equation for ROI as well as a link to their brand new legal tech ROI calculator, unveiled exclusively here. But, of course, it’s not all about numbers.

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Mental Health & Diversity in the Work Place – My Journey

In an inspiring personal account that touches on so many important themes – the blurring of legal and technology career paths; diversity; and most importantly, mental health – Nicola Jane Smith, business development manager at nQueue, describes her at times incredibly tough journey from LLB undergraduate to where she is today.

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Stop the press: ILTA CEO resigns and will not be attending ILTACON 2018

Almost exactly a year after the departure of ILTA programme director Peggy Weschler caused an outcry in the immediate run up to ILTACON 2017, Dan Liutikas, the CEO who has led a hugely unpopular restructure of the member-led body, has announced his resignation and will not be attending the conference this year.

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Lupton Fawcett pick Ascertus to implement iManage Work email and DMS

Lupton Fawcett is investing in email and document management system, iManage Work, and has selected Ascertus Limited to implement the solution, as part of a major technology overhaul initiative.

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LawTech Glossary with more than a twist of sarcasm

Radiant Law this week published its superbly tongue-in-cheek open source glossary for the terminology in LawTech and the definitive version is now available on github. Radiant co-founder Alex Hamilton says the glossary: “may include a few useful definitions, but mostly focuses on the hype.”

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MyLegalAdviser – new find-a-lawyer service launches

With less than six months to go until the Solicitors Regulation Authority’s (SRA) Looking to the Future Programme comes into force, a new online service has launched which members of the industry think will more effectively address the CMA’s concerns regarding price and service quality transparency. The service, MyLegalAdviser, helps clients find high quality, affordable and local legal representation within hours by passing on their job requests to registered solicitors in the area to bid for the work.

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UnitedLex ULX Partners: What exactly is it?

With the law firm partnership model continuing to act as a block when it comes to freeing up capital for investment in technology and more efficient processes, UnitedLex’s new ULX Partners law firm insourcing venture is piquing interest on both sides of the Atlantic, and the legal services provider is currently in discussions with law firms in the UK, including one magic circle firm.

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EY’s acquisition of Riverview Law: Some, not all, of your questions answered

Following the news yesterday (7 August) that EY is to acquire Riverview Law, views of our post exceeded 10,000 in 24 hours on LinkedIn alone and we are grateful for the many likes and comments. We put a few of your questions or comments to EY global law leader Cornelius Grossman.

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Thoughts on the launch of Linklaters’ global eDiscovery service

Leading eDiscovery consultant Jonathan Maas takes a look at Linklaters’ recently-launched global eDiscovery service – not of particular interest in itself given that “firms are either going all in or all out”, but they are using Servient, not Relativity!

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