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“IT” is coming home: watch the World Cup through Visualfiles

In a glorious lawtech meets football mashup, a new add-in from Zylpha enables users of LexisNexis Visualfiles case management software to continue their enjoyment of the World Cup 2018 and extend their support of the England football team whilst watching the final games of the World Cup from within Visualfiles.

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Mimecast acquires US-based cyber training and awareness platform Ataata

Mimecast has acquired cloud-based cybersecurity training and awareness platform Ataata, which combines training with predictive analytics to reduce human error in the workplace and change the security culture of employees.

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No surprise as Allen & Overy licenses Kira software

When Allen & Overy announced in April that Kira Systems was among the second cohort of companies awarded a place in its tech incubator Fuse, we could have bet money that an announcement re a licensing agreement would follow, and today (10 July) it has.

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AI and the Law Firm of 2030: An interview with Emily Foges of Luminance

Ari Kaplan speaks with Emily Foges, the CEO of Luminance, an artificial intelligence platform for the legal profession.

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Come of age: LegalZoom invests $1.8m in LawPath

It doesn’t seem so long ago that we were reporting on LegalZoom’s latest funding round but in a ‘come of age’ legaltech story, the California-headquartered giant has invested $1.8m in Australian law tech startup LawPath.

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Clifford Chance creates separate venture to house and grow digital products

In a highly significant announcement last week that was largely overshadowed by its 2017/18 results, Clifford Chance has approved a change of structure that will see it house and grow its subscription-based digital services out of a separate venture called Clifford Chance Applied Solutions.

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Linklaters appoints first-time head of innovation – and what that means

I get a bit blindsided by the growing number of law firm innovation teams and heads so I’m grateful to Paul Lewis, finance partner at Linklaters, for his clarification over the remit of Shilpa Bhandarkar, who the magic circle firm has just hired in the newly-created role of head of innovation.

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Talking Tech: A year on from iManage’s acquisition of RAVN, CEO Neil Araujo talks integration

In our latest Talking Tech video, Caroline Hill talks to iManage’s CEO Neil Araujo about the integration of RAVN Systems, a year on from its acquisition by the document management system leader. Is the focus now purely embedding RAVN’s AI within iManage? Will we see the creation of a tool to compete with Kira or Luminance? Those are among a handful of topics covered in this nine-minute clip filmed at ConnectLive in London.

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Tomorrow’s Lawyers: Lexoo and Clifford Chance launch pilot internship scheme

In the latest demonstration of its commitment to providing lawyers with fairly meaningful and, in this case, at the coal face tech training, Clifford Chance high performing trainees will now be offered a two-month law tech internship as the magic circle giant today (5 July) announces that it has launched a pilot with fast-growing online legal marketplace Lexoo.

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Nigel Murray: Sad legal tech news and a call for support

Very many of you will know Nigel Murray, who has worked in the legal sector for well over two decades including as founder and CEO of Trilantic and managing director of Huron Legal. Nigel has been diagnosed with a terminal brain tumour and his daughter Sophie is doing a charity boxing match on 7 July to raise money for Cancer Research. Here is how you can help.

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Trending: Pulling teeth and permission to fail – comment by Catherine Bamford of BamLegal!

Happy fourth birthday BamLegal! Here is that shitty first draft everyone has been talking about! BamLegal founder Catherine Bamford says that innovation and disruption in legal industry is painfully slow and there is too much back covering going on.

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Why legal design is in-house counsels’ new best friend

Marie Potel-Saville, former Vice President for legal EMEA at Esthee Lauder and founder of says that as a magic circle lawyer she realised that top notch legal advice wasn’t enough. As a GC, she turned to legal design – starting with the end user’s needs and designing her legal processes, documents and compliance trainings from this standpoint. Obvious candidates for legal design include compliance and complex contracts, but those are just two.

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The Law Society of England and Wales moves to Azure

As we first revealed in the Orange Rag on 27 June, The Law Society of England and Wales has moved to Office 365 and is in the process of moving its apps, data and infrastructure to Azure, we can reveal, as part of a £10m transformation plan kick-started 18 months ago, as the body creates its own IT department and moves away from the historic model of sharing back-office services with the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

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Updated: Facebook confirms it is to buy Allen & Overy Fuse startup Bloomsbury AI

Facebook is buying Bloomsbury AI – one of the early stage companies currently resident in Allen & Overy’s incubator Fuse – according to a report from TechCrunch that has subsequently been confirmed by Facebook to Legal IT Insider

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Guest post: Women in (Legal) Tech – planting acorns

Thereza Snyman of Baskerville Drummond charts the failures of previous efforts to boost diversity in legal tech; the recent progress with a well-deserved shout out to Daniel Pollick for helping to drive progress and thanks to a number of initiatives including Legal IT Insider’s Legal Tech Diversity (LTD) group; and an example of how making a small personal pledge – which is at the heart of LTD – can make a huge long term difference.

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