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Legal tech win: Bech-Bruun selects DocsCorp contentCrawler to strengthen GDPR compliance strategy

Bech-Bruun, one of Denmark’s “Big Four” firms, has made DocsCorp contentCrawler, an OCR processing solution, a key component of its GDPR compliance strategy.

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Trending – Business Drivers for Document Management: The Information Governance Mandate

To comply with the data side of outside counsel guidelines, firms must have a clear information governance strategy, for which the firm’s document management system is the foundational system. It’s time to prioritise adoption, starting with removing the blinders, says Prosperoware’s founder and CEO Keith Lipman.

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Global Legal Hackathon 2019: Freshfields team wins London leg with T&Cs app

Congratulations to Clausana, which yesterday (Sunday 24 February) won the London leg of the Global Legal Hackathon 2019 and will be entered into the virtual semi-finals in March. The Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer team, which was one of eight to compete in the intense two-day challenge, created a terms and conditions app that enables consumers to identify where the T&Cs deviate from their expectations and build a profile of the digital services they consume.

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The News of LIBOR’s Demise is Highly Under-Exaggerated

When traveling abroad, we rely on currency exchange rates to serve as an agreed upon medium on the value of goods and services. Banks too need to agree upon rates for doing business. But what happens when those rates cease to exist? And what does that mean for businesses that rely on them? 

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Funding the Future of Legal Innovation

It’s no secret that the legal sector is currently experiencing unprecedented technological shift. The drive for innovation is coming not only from the customer but from the government and the sector’s professional bodies. Indeed, the Law Society has partnered with Barclays Eagle Lab, to support hubs for LawTech businesses, in an effort to drive and support innovation in this dynamic field.

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Blockchain: Separating the fact and fiction

When it comes to the business of law and the technology that law firms rely on to operate, blockchain has until very recently been of limited relevance, with CIOs and their teams only interested at the very fringes – the majority will tell you off the bat that blockchain is massively overhyped, and to a great extent they are right. But in contrast with the fact that blockchain in 2018 officially entered the trough of disillusionment (according to Gartner), there are several very good practical reasons why in 2019 it should be on everyone’s radar.

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LoopUp opens offices in Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Atlanta and Madrid

Office openings don’t normally set our world on fire but as a litmus test of growth it’s interesting to note that London headquartered audio conferencing provider LoopUp has opened five new offices in Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Atlanta and Madrid.

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Accounting tech: KPMG Australia releases Business Visitor Assist app in first time instruction for Neota

Following its first instruction from accounting giant KPMG, Neota Logic will announce today (21 February) that KPMG Australia has used the Neota Logic AI automation platform to build their Business Visitor Assist Application.

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Joy Rush appointed as CEO: now the work begins

In an announcement that comes as no surprise (in a good way) and well before the end of her expected interim year, ILTA has confirmed that Joy Heath Rush will assume the position of chief executive officer (CEO) effective immediately.

Added by Caroline Hill on the 20th Feb 2019 at 9:35 am 2 comments

“Seismic shift”: Emily Foges on Luminance’s new partnership with EY Law

EY Law has entered into a global framework agreement with Luminance. Having trialled the legal AI platform in its M&A centre in Belfast, EY has rolled the service out for large scale document review across its entire legal advisory and legal managed services offerings, comprising more than 2,100 lawyers in 84 jurisdictions.

Added by Caroline Hill on the 19th Feb 2019 at 7:57 pm 2 comments

Trending: How to Evaluate Legal Technology that Improves Efficiency

This is the first ‘clinic’ from Dera Nevin, who each month will address common questions from readers about the evaluation and implementation of legal technology. Buyers of legal technology can play a critical role in improving the purchase of legal technology by ensuring the strategic questions are asked and fully answered within a business requirements document before going to market, she says.

Added by Tate Chennis Colbran on the 19th Feb 2019 at 7:19 pm 2 comments

Breaking news: Axiom to float and spin off managed solutions business

Axiom Global today (19 February) announced it has taken the long anticipated first step towards an initial public offering: filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission form S-1; the registration statement form most commonly used by domestic companies selling securities to the public for the first time.

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Women of Legal Tech: Gabriela Isturiz

Don’t miss Monica Bay’s profile of one of our favourite women in legal tech, Gabriela Isturiz, co-founder and president of Bellefield Systems, who also co-founded eBillingHub.

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UK top 200 firm Anthony Gold selects Repstor’s SharePoint/O365 matter management solution

UK top 200 London law firm Anthony Gold has selected SharePoint/Office 365 document and email management system Repstor custodian for legal. “The O365-based software, which benefits from the familiarity of Outlook, will restore order to email filing, enhance remote collaboration and provide more granular content security,” a release out today (19 February) tells us.

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UK Top 50 Law firm IT profiles: Pinsent Masons

As part of a huge project to profile all of the top 200 legal IT teams/law firm IT capability, our contributing editor Amy Carroll spoke to Pinsent Masons about the structure and strategy of their team which, like many others, are increasingly engaged in client-facing solutions.

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